How to Be a Kid Critic Workshop presented by Common Sense Media

Selected date

Saturday March 11

Selected time

11:00 AM  –  12:30 PM

We are delighted to work with Common Sense Media to present “How to Be a Kid Critic” at this year’s festival. Our children are consuming an enormous amount of media, often filled with conflicting information. ”We can’t cover our kids’ eyes, but we can teach them to see,” said Common Sense Media’s founding editor in chief, Liz Perle. In this workshop, kids will develop their media literacy skills, learning what it means to evaluate media critically through discussion and hands-on activities. Participants will see film clips and review them based on Common Sense’s unique rating system. They will also be shown a selection of news stories and learn why it’s so important not to take everything they see in the media at face value.


Age Range (8-14 years old)