Pixilation Workshop BAICFF

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Saturday February 16

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10:15 AM  –  11:10 AM

What is Pixilation? It’s an animation technique that uses the most readily available tool at your disposal – your body! In this workshop, the participants are the actors. Just change your pose slightly from one photo frame to the next and you will magically float, fly around a room, ice skate, disappear and reappear in a different location, slide along the ground, drive an invisible car, or almost anything else you can imagine!

You add the sound! In addition to creating your film using pixilation you will then add your own sound effects in our Foley Sound workshop. At no additional cost, we will record you creating noises on our foley stage to the live playback of your pixilation film. We will provide a variety of noise making objects and props, you can even use your own mouth to make explosions - boom!, car engine noises - vroom! vroom! or other bips and boops.