Tyke Explorers
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October Theme: Kitchen Chemistry


Day 1: October 6 - Mixing in the Kitchen

Practice your measurement and observation skills as you mix ingredients found in the kitchen. What sorts of creative concoctions can you create? Slime? Ooblek? Bouncy balls? Elephant toothpaste?


Day 2: October 20 - What’s Cookin’? 

Today we’ll use our measuring skills to make edibles! We’ll “cook” using temperature changes, pH differences, and a little bit of patience. 

*Please inform us of any food allergies prior to class, especially dairy.  


Day 3: October 27 - Is it Magic or Science? 


Invisible ink, growing gummy bears, dancing raisins, and rubber eggs! Learn the science behind these magic kitchen tricks!


For Ages 3 - 5 years

Expand your preschooler's universe by enrolling in our Tyke Explorers Program. Kids get to bring a special grown-up to share in the excitement of science and space. Classes are a combination of instructor-led lessons and self-guided, hands-on experimentation and exploration.

With Chabot's park-like setting, hands-on exhibits, laboratories and experienced educators, we guarantee a memorable adventure for you and your child.

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