Tyke Explorers
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September Theme: Solar System Science


Day 1: September 8 – Spinning Through Space

Get ready to spin and orbit through class, just like our home planet does! This week we’ll learn how our spinning planet and the Sun work together to make day and night here on earth, what years actually are, and why we have seasons! 


Day 2: September 15 - Over the Moon 

Do you know why the moon has spots? Or why it changes shape each day? Or what the moon has to do with the months? To find out, join us as we investigate our closest neighbor in space!


Day 3: September 29 – Dance of the Planets


Put your dancing shoes on because this week you’ll be orbiting the sun in a special production of Dance of the Planets, a live-action theatrical play starring you! You’ll create your own model of a planet or other object in our solar system, then head outside to bring our solar system to life!



For Ages 3 - 5 years

Expand your preschooler's universe by enrolling in our Tyke Explorers Program. Kids get to bring a special grown-up to share in the excitement of science and space. Classes are a combination of instructor-led lessons and self-guided, hands-on experimentation and exploration.

With Chabot's park-like setting, hands-on exhibits, laboratories and experienced educators, we guarantee a memorable adventure for you and your child.

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