Chabot Hosts: Ask a Scientist Lecture Series & Wonderfest : The Bay Area Beacon of Science

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Wednesday April 15

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7:00 PM  –  9:00 PM

The Sciences in Ancient Greece and Rome: How Far Did They Get?

7pm: Reception | 8pm: Presentations

Chabot is once again proud to partner with Wonderfest and Ask a Scientist to bring you an exciting lecture from Dr. Richard Carrier. Dr. Richard Carrier is an expert in ancient science. Since earning his PhD at Columbia University, he has written numerous books on modern philosophy and ancient history ( In this lively, illustrated talk, Dr. Carrier will compare modern science (from the Scientific Revolution to today) with science in the ancient Greco-Roman world, where science as we know it began. We will understand what the Greeks and Romans achieved — and how close they got to their own scientific revolution


  • Program Ticket: $15 (Does not include admission to the center)
  • General Admission/Program combo: $25 - to purchase the combo, click HERE.