Introduction to Animation Character Design : with Pixar character designer Deanna Marsigliese BAICF

This event is no longer on sale.

Sunday March 12

10:30 AM  –  12:30 PM

Introduction to Animation Character Design :  with Pixar character designer Deanna Marsigliese. 


This is a rare workshop opportunity not to be missed! In an extensive 3 hour workshop, learn what goes into designing an animation character by one of the top designers in the business today, Deanna Marsigliese. This workshop is not about characters with big eyes and silly faces this is the real deal!  Story telling through shape, line and color. Using real materials, pencils, markers, cutouts and glue participants will learn what makes a character read with appeal, with humor, with villainy, with well a story to tell. Deanna is also the host of the podcast Straight Against the Curve about character design,  so participants should not be surprised if she happens to pull out her recorder for an impromptu interview. 

 Cost: $10 


 Space is limited to 20 designers 


 Sunday  3/12  -10: 30am - 12: 30pm 


 Ages 6-9